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Welcome To NBBC

We're excited to introduce you to The National Black Business Coalition. Our mission is to create LEVERAGE and LEGACY through collaboration and investment.

It's time to kill all myths that blacks can't do business together. WE CAN & WE DO!

The point of NBBC is to provide examples of excellence between black investors and business owners that foster legacy and create leverage in todays economy. We will work together to BUY THE BLOCK! One building at a time.

So what are we about to do?

Invest, Collaborate, Invest

What will we invest in?

  • Flips Properties

  • Land

  • Foreclosures

  • Stock

  • Business Ventures

  • Commercial / Residential Properties

Everything is done by the book and reviewed by legal professionals before any monies are exchanged. Only registered approved NBBC Members will be able to review the details of each investment ( cost, down payment return )

We want everyone to eat, though everyone will not be able to sit at the table. There are requirements to become a NBBC Member. This is serious business, and we want serious investors to build and grow with only.

Do you have access to a property or land but can't afford to keep it? Contact NBBC

Registration opens Thursday August 4th, the first investments will be added to the portal on August 15th, and membership will be open at that time. All registrations will be screened for NBBC eligibility. Check page for requirements.

If you have a great investment you would like NBBC to review, lets set up a chat!

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