What is a Fiscal A Sponsor?

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) organization sponsors a project that may lack exempt status. This alternative to starting your own nonprofit allows you to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under sponsor's exemption status.

Sponsorship's that have NOT been registered will not be recognized for 501c3 donations or funding. You must register EACH project BEFORE submitting our tax id information on any form or entries.


We will not honor or confirm an affiliation UNLESS the project/program has been registered. 

* Mission Statement required for ALL Grant Fiscal Sponsorship

* Check your welcome email for Membership ID# or Text (919)589-2911



Project Registration

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Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for sponsorship?

Business 911 Members and Registered Business 911 Businesses. It's free to register your Business 911. ( REGISTER NOW )

What kind of things would I need a Fiscal Sponsor for?

There are many benefits to having a Fiscal Sponsor: 1. Grants & Funding if you do NOT have your 501c3 Exemption 2. Donations from lenders or that require a 501c3 to recieve them. 3. Contributions for your event or organization from friends, colleagues or local businesses

What is a COMPREHENSIVE Fiscal Sponsor?

​In a Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship Relationship, the fiscally sponsored project becomes a program of the fiscal sponsor, (a distinct difference from the pre-approved grant relationship), and is a fully integrated part of the fiscal sponsor who maintains all legal and fiduciary responsibility for the sponsored project, its employees and activities. Any work product is available to the public or to the charitable sector. The fiscal sponsor assures funders that the purposes and any restrictions of all grants and/or contributions will be met.


In a Pre-approved grant relationship Sponsorship Relationship, the fiscally sponsored project does not become a program belonging to the sponsor (as is the case with Comprehensive Sponsorship), but is a separate entity responsible for managing its own tax reporting and liability issues. In addition, the sponsor does not necessarily maintain ownership of any part of the results of the project’s work. Ownership rights should be addressed in the fiscal sponsor agreement and could potentially result in some type of joint ownership. The sponsor simply assures itself that the project will use the grant funds received to accomplish the ends described in the grant proposal.

Is there a fee for sponsorship?

There is a 2-5% Fee for Grant Sponsorship to cover admin & any bank fees. There is no fee for donation sponsorship.

How do I know if I have been approved for Fiscal Sponsorship for my grant?

Once you have registered your project/program you will recieve a email within (48) hours scheduling a phone interview providing further information about the project and your needs. After you have had your phone interview you will recieve a email of approval/denial with a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement attached and instructions on how to move forward. * If denied you will get a reason and opportunity to apply at a later date.

Can I be denied for Fiscal Sponsorship?

Yes, sponshorship is based on your mission and project details as well as the connection to OUR mission. Please read guidelines for sponsorship.

Who gets money if im approved for a grant or funding?

Business 911 will recieve money on your behalf. We will work with Project Organizer to disburse funds. Records and receipts will be required. Funds will be allocated to project as discribed in Fiscal Agreement.

What if I don't get the grant, is there a fee?


Does Business 911 find me the grants or funding?

No, we can be of some assistance in pointing you in the right direction. It is your responsibility to locate grants and apply for any funding.