What is the F4F ( Fuel for Funds ) Program?

Fuel 4 Funds is your fuel ( energy ) for funds (money) toward Membership Fees, Registration Dues or Business Needs. 


This program is offered to Members and Business 911 Volunteers to assist in obtaining or maintaining membership benefits. 

 Monthly Hours Required For Membership

Start Up Membership: 8 Hours 

Entrepreneur Membership: 12 Hours

Enterprise Membership: 16 Hours

Complete all steps.

Step 2 will require you to schedule all hours required for membership requesting. ( Ex: If you are requested the Start Up Membership. You will need to schedule 2 dates with 4 hours each time on the Volunteer Calendar to add up to the (8) hours required.)


F4F Registration


Rules and Policy

  • Hours must be scheduled before the upcoming month.

  • Hours must be scheduled to receive credit for hours

  • Cancellations of scheduled hours MUST be done by phone call only. (919) 589-2911

  • Hours must be scheduled in (4) hour increments. 

  • No one can be present with you during F4F hours

  • If you leave before completing F4F Schedule without authorization. None of the hours will be recorded/admitted for that day.

  • If late more then 3 Times for scheduled hours Business 911 will pause Membership Benefits for 90 Days. 

  • If scheduled hours NOT completed within 30 days. Membership will cancel for upcoming month. May require a $25 reinstate fee.

  • If no call or no show for scheduled hours. Registration will be cancelled and Membership Access Denied if no resolution/notification within 7 days. Will require a reinstatement fee. ($25)


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