Partnership is EVERYTHING!

The only way we will win is together. You can definitely get there faster, but you get further through collaboration. 

Why would we partner?

  1. To make a BIGGER impact in our community

  2. To show others that UNITY WORKS

  3. To get even MORE MONEY from Investors who love a one stop shop.

  4. To show that there's STRENGTH in numbers

  5. To provide funding to organizations that need it! Grants are provided to Collaborative efforts!

Referral Program: Compensation is based on referral purchases. 5% finders fees paid monthly.

Affiliate Program: Gain exposure and get in front of thousands. Business offers a specific percentage discount or discounted price on specific item or service.

Fiscal Sponsorship: Want to partner to get Grant Funding?

Must complete and get an approved partnership registration before seeking grants funds in the Fiscal Program. 

Let's Partner!

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.