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Are you someone who is Non Tech Savvy?

I got something for you. We have partnered with JerseyShey Designs and have created a new series called TECH SAVVY....

IN PERSON & VIRTUAL Classes for the non technical entrepreneur.

The series starts with a in person Computer Class!

Jerseysheydesigns will be having a IN PERSON computer class for those that aren't TECH SAVVY!

📍 Business 911 Small Business Center 3557 N. Sharon Amity Rd suite 101 Charlotte NC

💲 Investment: $30

📆Sat. March 2, 2024

10am to 1pm

🔥1. Laptop Navigation:

- Basic laptop anatomy and features

- Operating system navigation (e.g., Windows, macOS)

- File management, organization, and search

- Keyboard shortcuts and productivity tips

- Customization and personalization options

- Troubleshooting common issues

🔥2. Social Media:

- Introduction to popular social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

- Creating and managing social media accounts

- Understanding privacy settings and security

- Posting, sharing, and engaging with content

- Overview of social media marketing concepts

🔥3. Business on Social Media:

- Utilizing social media for business promotion and networking

- Building a social media marketing strategy

- Understanding analytics and insights

- Integrating social media with other marketing efforts

- Best practices for engaging with customers and clients

🔥4. Website Navigation:

- Basic website navigation and understanding URLs

- Managing website content and user accounts

- Introduction to web analytics and tracking tools

- Understanding website security and maintenance

- Utilizing website platforms and content management systems

🔥5. Application Navigation:

- Overview of common business applications (e.g., Microsoft Office, Google Workspace)

- Navigating through key features of each application

- Tips for efficient use and productivity

- Integrating applications with other tools and platforms

Throughout the class, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and practical exercises would be incorporated to help you apply what they learn directly on your own laptops.

💻Additionally, participants would be encouraged to ask questions and seek guidance on specific challenges or tasks they encounter in their day-to-day use of technology.


🔥Check the Calendar 🗓️

Upcoming Content Creators Workshop (Charlotte NC)


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