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We need your help

Today is giving Tuesday, our non profit has took a hit loosing our 501c3 this year and wasn’t able to pursue any kind of funding.


Some of you know our story and know we have to go to court with Cash Back Tax Solutions In January about this and need your prayers in this matter.

Until then we need help getting a Book keeper, CPA and then reinstated being we don’t know how the court case wil go. Good doesn’t always prevail and whatever happens God will see fit to deal with them.

Please help my baby... I cry as I write this I don’t be asking y’all for stuff and hate that I’m asking. Though we are a organization who needs help. I’m always the one doing the helping. Sowing seed, pouring.

Whether $5,$10, $20 or more I say thank you in advance.

If you want to write a check. Make it to Business 911 Small Business Resource 3557 N Sharon Amity rd. Suite 101 Charlotte Nc 28205

Or donate via website


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