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Great News For The Youth!

I have partnered with Freedom School again this year but in a whole new way.

Great News! Some of you may not know Business 911 has started a Publishing Company Write Now Publishing Company INC

This is a NON PROFIT publishing companies who sole mission is to empower and ignite young authors. Proceeds from adult book publishing go to youth publishing so they bear ZERO COST to birth there dreams and create legacy.

AS OF TODAY ( Could increase in the next few months ) We assist 120 students in writing THERE OWN BOOK / AN ATHOLOGY Our Company will provide each student with a hard copy at the end of there summer program.

So far we will be CREATING AUTHORS @ * CLC / Christ Lutheran Church * MLK / MLK, Junior Middle School * QC Family Tree / Freedom Presbyterian Church * Renaissance West / Renaissance West STEAM Academy

This opportunity can foster so many things for the youth. If you would like to support in the printing of these books, please make a donation ( )

Help me celebrate these future authors...... * If you want to add this program to your organizations summer program please inbox me.


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