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Customer Service #101/ January 3rd.

It's time to win in 2019! Learn how great customer service can increase your cash flow.

This class is in Charlotte NC

> If you would like to take this class virtually. Please contact us

Are you a new or existing business providing services? Learn how simple Customer Service can increase your client list, grow your business and allow you to generate almost twice the income!

This is for business who want LONGTERM success. These practices must be consistent and apart of your standard for continued growth.

Who needs to be in the room... ( The Customer Service #101 Class )

* Individuals about to start or open a business

* Small Businesses that provide services

* Businesses that want to add staff or hire people and want to make sure they are all delivering the same standard of service.

* Businesses that want to get more referrals from their clients.

* Business Owners that want to make more money

Powered By: Business 911 Small Business Resource Center

Taught By: Coach Shey Morton

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