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What is a Domain Name, And why you need it!

What's in a name?

Your entire brand and gateway to your house! Yes i said house! Imagine your taking a trip. You can't press start unless you know where to go. You can have a vision, idea, place in mind. But in order to get there you need a address ( a destination ) That's what your domain name is, your destination.

A domain is only useful if you have a website or a house to put it on. Domains have varies identities and meanings. For example:

  • (com) is the standard ending to all domains

  • (net) is used when connecting networking sites or social sites

  • (org) is used for non profits and organizations

  • (info) is used for websites providing info, links or more info

  • (shop) is used for online stores or e commerce sites

  • (tv) is used when you have a you tube channel or a video streaming website.

All these domain identities can be used for what ever you choose and dont have to be connected to the websites listed beside them, its there to give you a general idea as to there meaning.

The average domain is $15 to $25 per year. I purchase all my domains from and leave my purchase info public in case im purchasing domains for monetary reasons. Which we can talk about in another episode. They can make you money and luckily now Go Daddy lets you know what they are worth after purchase.

So let's get back to why we need them. Once you get your wonderful website created, then you need to have a address so people can find it. Your address must tell me exactly what kind of residence (website) it is. So make sure your strategic when picking a domain name. I prefer to put the type of service im providing in the name so that the search engines can find it better.


Our Business Name is : Clean As Can Bee!!

Our Domain Name is :

* As you see, there is cleaning in the name.

Our Business Name is : JerseyShey Designs

Our Domain Name is :

* There you will see we just have the name and added (.com)

If you like you can purchase more then one domain for the site if you have other pages that can be promoted separately but try to stay with the same domain when doing brand marketing. That's what make a domain profitable when it has a lot of traffic to it.

Need more help with domains? Set up a consultation!

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