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3 Things To Help You Get Ready For The New Year

Even if you don't have a full blown Business Plan, your business should have a plan! How you will promote, when you will promote and Where?

If you haven't already came up with a marketing plan or promotion for your business, let's think of one now. This is a great time to expose our brand and launch a new spin on our amazing services. Yes! Your services are amazing and we now need to make sure everyone knows this and has access to them.

Getting Ready...

1. Get a planner

Time management is key to success. It helps you to be accountable in business, it will be how you are judged. " How you show up! " Time, Services, Attitude. Being able to deliver quality service is well planned. So not only do i want you to make time to do it, i want you to make time to always learn how to be better at it!

2. Make a " To Do List! "

It helps to be able to see your task, and mark them off your list. I personally have a dry erase board. I need to see it and be able to see my accomplishments. They are pretty affordable ( $5-$20 ) for a decent size one. Otherwise get a note pad or sticky notes ( post it ) if you are a "In Your Face" person. When completing your list make sure to only do your top (3) things at a time, it can be over whelming. So focus on (3) things you can do each day. Some things may take a few minutes, and others may take longer. So when you have a busy day, just knock out (3) Small Things ( Tasks ) That way you are still getting things done. When you have a list, you are less likely to get side tracked.

3. Get a notebook/ Pad

As you grow and become even more amazing you will learn so much. Where will you put it? A Note book! Every time you have a great idea, someone gives you information, or just a need to know, write it down. Some may use their phone, and that's cool too. If you have the notepad option in your phone, which most phones do. Use It! Me...I must have a notebook, i'm super scared to loose info in my phone. I need guarantees of certain things that are super important. And i have had a phone or two die on me before. " So Sucks ". Plus if you make note of your vision and your plans of growing, when it's time to make your next move. Your half way there!. You have been making things happen, getting info and taking notes. Make sure to have one notebook for each business. It will become your reference guide.

If you need to schedule people and bookings, i have found to be a good tool. They also have a free trial. It allows you to just post a link for scheduling and have your clients schedule based on your availability. I love it because it sends reminders and adds it self to your calendar if you want.

Those are a few things we can get to get ready for the New Year! Plan on success this year!

Best Regards

Shey Morton

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