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Note From Our Founder

Hello and Welcome

I am so happy that you have visited my website. My name is Shey Morton. I am a serial business owner and have owned my business since 2004. Yes, a long time and it has been a learning experience and a up and down road. While on that road i learned so much and that is why i created Business911.

I feel sometime we are afraid to share information, scared that someone will get to the finish line before we do. I feel there is enough money out here for everyone. And with strategic execution and useful information we can all win.

I will be sharing tools and information i have used to assist hundreds of others start and grow their business. Please feel free to share somethings your using and have found helpful. This platform was created for connection and growth. And i would love to grow with you.


Your input and suggestions are golden to me. I feel we can be a testimony for another. If there is any questions you have about business or have some business related topics you would like to know more about and want us to follow up on, let us know. We have a dedicated research team put in place to make sure we find you the best, most affordable ( if not free ) effective tools we can find to help you get the job done. Lets win together in 2018 and Beyond....


Shey ( JerseyShey )

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