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These days, 97% of consumers are searching for local businesses online. Two thirds will go online for more information rather than calling after viewing a print ad in the phone directory

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new way to market. One out every four people have a social page. Keep your customers updated with  specials, new services &  product information through social media. 


Need help building Social Sites & Pages for your Business. Call for a Free Consultation or Register for our next Class or Workshop.

Social Media Marketing
Though some businesses do use Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus for communicating with various people, when it comes to building business relationships and communicating with partners and clients, the most “serious”, “grown-up” medium is email MARKETING.


Contact us for the Top 10 Best ways to Email Market or Join us in our Next Email Marking Seminar Online.

Social Media Marketing



It's easier to have a business card with contact information than to try and remember or find something to write it on. Everyone is NOT in the online world and Flyers,Business & Mail Outs are constant reminders and much easier to find when looking to serve someone's specific needs.


Get Great Business Cards and Flyers made with Business 911. Call Today to see what we can do for you. Remember, Image is Everything!

Social Media Marketing

A good website is your image. Having proper and accurate information along with excellent footage or pictures accompanied by the finishing touches, will only make your company appear professional. It makes your Business Gospel and is a great way for your customers to see everything your about on there own time.


Need a website? Funds limited? Ask how you can get a Website for FREE or for as low as $99.

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