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Become A Commercial Mail Agent

Take Your Business to the Next Level as a Mail Agent

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Make Monthly Reoccurring Income by Becoming A Commercial Mail Agent 

If you're looking for a flexible and profitable business opportunity, consider becoming a commercial mail agent. By starting a Virtual Mailbox Rental Business, you can offer customers a physical address for their mail and packages, while working from anywhere in the world. Our training program will teach you everything you need to know to get started, and our support team is always available to assist you along the way.

Who is this right for?

Pick Your Business

Quiet Desk

Virtual Mail Agent

 Our virtual mail agent training package provides all the tools and knowledge you need to get started. With no office hours needed, you can work from anywhere and still provide excellent service to your clients. This service will require you to take photos of all incoming mail and keep a very good inventory. This can provide a great resources for startups on the


Colorful Envelopes

Pick Up Mail Agent

As a Commercial Mail Agent Pick Up Location, you can offer a wide range of benefits to help you manage your clients business. Not only can you increase your subscriptions ( monthly fees ) since you have in store pick up, but you can also meet new clients and establish a presence in your community. Furthermore, your location will be listed on Google as a mailbox location or print location, increasing your visibility and credibility.


B911 HUB

Elevate your business presence with our B911 HUB Partnership. As a partner of Business 911 & Mailbox V, we can help you boost sales by offering subscriptions to our thousands of connections. Let us list your location on our website and get you seen by the right audience. Sign up for our partnership and start growing your business!

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Start Your Commercial Mail Agent Business

Our Mailbox Rental and Virtual Address Service offers a variety of trainings and documents, so you can confidently run your business. We send out printed copies of necessary documents, such as mail forwarding forms, and also offer downloadable versions for your convenience. Our trainings cover everything you need to know to run a successful commercial mail agent business, from opening and closing procedures to business management and customer service.


Basic Package $1197

Standard Package $2497

Premium Package $2997

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How does it work?

  • You purchase the type of Commercial Mail Agent Package you want to start, you will get an intro email

  • Within (48) hours, you will get your first set of downloads  and a link to schedule your training

  • You schedule all (3) of your virtual training to go over your documents and answer any questions

  • Your First Sessions Covers Documents / Second Covers Policy and Operations / Third your website and promoting your new business

( We will not throw all this at you at once unless you want to, it will be broken up into 3 trainings giving you documents and covering material each training )


If you plan to open a Virtual Mailbox Business, No! You will only need to have a location that can receive mail and have frequent scheduled days you will be notifing clients of their mail via email or text. 

For Pick Up Locations you will need to have set hours that clients can come pick up their mail.  They can be a few hours a day a limited to two days a week. The more the better!

Any extra fees for the client?

When you have a Virtual Location a little more is required of the client to start. If your client wants to open a mailbox virtually they will need to purchase an appointment with a Online Notary getting the 1583 form signed which is required by law ( unless they mail the notarized form in with the required ID)  if your not in front of a witness/agent. This cost ranges from $25-$35 additional. Plus an option for the client with the virtual account is mail forwarding since they don't have the option to come in. Which most times clients will be paying an additional fee for this service with you on top of there monthy subscription which can add up. 

Are there any extra things i will need outside of this package to start?

Outside of the drive and motivation required to get your new business off the ground, there are a few additional things that will be helpful to manage your new Commercial Mail Agent Business.

A File Cabinet

( For the safety of the mail)

A Printer

( To print 1583 forms and copies for the post office)

Rubber Bands 

( To hold all mail together )

Binders & Computer

( For Data & Records )


( If your going to be Virtual to photograph mail )


Bank Account 

( You need a bank account for the money to go to )

If purchased a website package. There will be a Monthly Hosting Fee & Yearly Domain Fee

$35 a year Domain 

($30-$40 per month / Website ) 

How invested do i need to be?

This question is here because you will need to make this work no matter what and have a location that you are at least lock in for 1-3 years . Clients will be counting on the address they purchase from you. They will put it on their businesses and on there paperwork and they will count on you being around for the long haul. So ithis is it, or be willing to pivot..but at the same location. 

If you already work with a population of people and have a location, then this is a no btainer. Its you adding a stream of income to your life and getting your rent paid. 

Become a B911 Hub!

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Let's make money together!

Expand Your Reach & Partner With Us!

Become a B911 HUB, partner with Mailbox V and Business 911, and start earning extra income. We'll list your location in our directory and help sell subscriptions for a small referral fee paid to you every 90 days. With our team managing those accounts and working to increase your earnings, you'll have more time to focus on what matters to you. Join our network today and become a successful mailbox hub.

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