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Rental Agreement - DC

Rental Agreement - DC


Get your documents created for you. Custom with your business information on them.

You will receive a digital copy by email and a hard copy in the mail. 


DC- Document Creating


  • What is a Rental Agreement Sheet?

    A rental agreement is a legal contract whether written or oral, between the landlord and tenant. The terms of the agreement explain what the landlord expects of the tenant and what the tenant expects of the landlord. Ask for a written agreement. Written agreements give you a record of the terms and are easier to enforce if there is a problem.

  • Why is a Rental Agreement Sheet important?

    Signing this agreement means you will follow the terms explained in the agreement. While it may be tempting to just sign the agreement, so you can move in, it is very important to read and understand it – know when rent is due, what utilities you will be paying, how long the agreement lasts and more! Take your time to read the agreement – don’t feel pressured to sign one that you haven’t read completely and/or discussed with the landlord. If you don’t feel comfortable reading and understanding the rental agreement, ask a friend or family member to help you.


    Once you have picked the documents you want created you will:

    1. PURCHASE YOUR DOCUMENTS: Add them to your CART in the website and make your purchase.
    2. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! You will receive an email with links provided asking for details about you and your business for the agreement.
    3. GIVE US SOME INFO: Complete info needed in each link if purchasing more than one ducument. 
    4. TURN AROUND TIMES: You will receive your digital documents within 3-5 Business Days. Hard copies times vary and are based on times of the year and postal conditions. (7-10 Days Est.)
    5. QUESTIONS? Contact our office 704-817-8021
  • DIGITAL LINK / UPGRADE ( Commercial Use )

    Need all your submissions in one place, get a CRM Account! We will create a digital version of your document so others can provide the same form via google/survey heart link. 

    See all your clients submissions in one place! Add link to emails and text messages for quicker responses. 

    * Will need to provide email for Survey Heart  / Or have a Google account for Google Form 

    Google Form: Great if data is important and seeing the statistics. 

    Surveyheart: Awesome if have lots of forms for clients and need to access info all in one place.

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