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There are so many ways to help your community, the economy and mankind. Donate unused space to a good cause, Education! Business 911 is a small business resource. Space is greatly needed to provide classes and workshops. Events and fundraisers as well as teach tools of different industry trades. 

All space donated is Tax Deductible and on a short term based, unless otherwise stated. 

Requirements: No limits on days / Times : Minimum of (8) Hours Space Donated

* Disclosures and waivers will be available for insurance purposes.

* Only owner or Property Manager can donate space. 

* Any and all hazards must be noted in donation agreement to be excluded liable.

* A walk thru will be scheduled for all donated space. 

Would you like to add Business 911 services and classes to your organization or company? Become a Host! We become a part of the family. Our classes and workshops are apart of your curriculum.

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Submit Space Info for Tax Deduction Info.

Do you have Office Space not in use? Donate it for a few hours a month and write it off! Don't let valuable space go to waste. Donate shared space to a new business owner or a small conference room for a meeting. 

Types of space needed:

  • Conference Room ( 10 or more seats )

  • Computer Labs

  • Classroom Space

  • Rooms that will occupy a minimum of 25 People or more

  • Locations with lots of parking

  • Church and Seating Halls


Submit Space Info for Tax Deduction Info.

We love ALL SPACE! Business 911 is a Small Business Resource. And want to help Businesses and Communities win in every way. Share your space and help us unite in order to build. We can even upgrade your space or location if you qualify. Donate it! We will provide all upgrades needed ( ie, painting, repair etc ) in order to use the space for a contracted amount of time. 

Types Of Space Needed:

  • Large Fields

  • Large Rooms or Warehouses

  • Empty Lots

  • Empty Office Space

  • Churches

  • Restaurants

Businesses in Agriculture

  • Provide space to grow food and produce 

  • Provide space for plant study and floral industry

Fields and Land: 

  • Community Pic Nic

  • Business Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Business Retreats & Boot Camps

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