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Let's Get Paid With " AI "

Let's Get Paid With AI " Virtual "

Are you ready to make money with AI?

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Let's Get Paid With AI " Virtual "
Let's Get Paid With AI " Virtual "


2024年5月25日 9:00 – 13:00

Let's Get Paid With " AI "


Introduction to the "Get Paid with AI" Workshop 

 Join us for an exclusive and transformative workshop, "Get Paid with AI," where you'll learn the ins and outs of leveraging artificial intelligence to create, publish, and market your very own books, courses, and classes. This interactive session is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to harness AI for content creation and digital entrepreneurship.

 Here are the key takeaways and structure of our upcoming class: 

 Workshop Overview:  - 

**Title:** Get Paid with AI - 

**Duration:** 4-hour class (3 hours of instruction + 1 hour of Q&A) - 

**Purpose:** To teach participants how to utilize AI for creating and monetizing digital products - 

**Format:** One virtual class and one in-person class, each with a strict limit of 10 participants for optimal learning and interaction  Key Learning Outcomes:  - 

**AI-Powered Creation:** Discover how AI can assist you in writing books, developing course materials, and designing engaging classes.  - 

**Publication Mastery:** Learn the step-by-step process to self-publish your books, making them available to a global audience.  - 

**Course Development:** Gain insights on structuring your courses and creating comprehensive outlines with the help of AI.  - 

**Market Research:** Understand how to leverage AI for in-depth market analysis to identify and target your ideal customer base.  - 

**Marketing Strategies:** Explore innovative AI tools for marketing your digital products effectively.  - 

**E-Book Downloads:** Find out how to use AI to create downloadable e-books that add value to your courses and serve as standalone products.  

Class Details:  - 

**Virtual Class Format: 5/25/2024 ** An engaging online learning experience allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home or office.  - 

**In-Person Class Location: 4/27/2024

** Held at the prestigious Business 911 Small Business Center, providing a professional environment conducive to learning and networking.  - 

**Interactive Q&A:** The final hour of the workshop is dedicated to answering your specific questions, ensuring you leave with clarity and confidence to apply what you've learned.  

Enrollment Information:  - 

**Participant Limit:** Each class is capped at 10 participants. No exceptions will be made to ensure a quality experience for all attendees.  - 

**Registration:** Early registration is recommended due to the limited seating. Secure your spot and take the first step towards mastering AI for digital product creation.  

Don't miss this opportunity to upskill and discover how AI can revolutionize the way you create and monetize content. 

Whether you're an aspiring author, an educator looking to expand your reach, or an entrepreneur aiming to innovate, the "Get Paid with AI" workshop is your gateway to success in the digital age.


  • EARLY BIRD Virtual Ticket 9-1

    Because we want to make sure that everyone leaves with something to sell. This class is limited to only 10 people per class. Early Bird Savings End 4/15 or if the class fills up. Whichever comes first. ( 9AM-1PM) Via Zoom

  • Virtual Admission 9-1

    Because we want to make sure that everyone leaves with something to sell. This class is limited to only 10 people per class. 9am-1pm Via Zoom





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