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WELCOME Business 911

You are now apart of the B911 family!

Welcome to Business 911 Small Business Resource Center. I'm super excited you have decided to unite with other amazing leaders and allow us to assist in your professional growth. There are so many ways you can benefit by being a part of a team.


But first, we want to know a little more about you and how we can assist in your win. Remember we are a non-profit organization. Every penny you spend here, 100% of it goes back into helping you and others succeed. Your contributions are tax-deductible. You will get a yearly report so that you can get the additional advantages of partnering up with a non-profit organization.

Let us know a little about you and your business. Complete Welcome Packet Below. Required to access Membership Benefits



Just In Case...

If there is ever a time you are NOT able to pay for your membership. You can maintain your membership and awesome benefits by joining the F4F Program and volunteering your time and or skills to the resource center. 



(8) Hours a month will pay for a Start-Up Membership. 

(12) Hours a month will pay for an Entrepreneur Membership. 

(20) Hours a month will pay for an Enterprise Membership. 

( We don't want anything to stop your growth!😊 )




founder shey morton

When i say " I'm Excited" that's what I am to be on your team. I want to be clear about this new relationship we're about to embark on. The devil will be really busy during our journey. There are so many wins in your future he has called in reinforcements to get in your way. We MUST remain focused, obedient, and strategic in our moves. I promise to have your back and be here when you need information, resources a cheerleader, or just an ear. Your ideas and plans for your amazing future are safe with me and everyone in our circle. 


We are against the crab basket mentality here but the elevate and empower mentality. We share what we know and help where we can. I will always do my best to provide the resources and support you need as long as you promise to never give up on your dream. 


Some doubt that we can unite and get things done. We have a point to prove. We will unite and win...TOGETHER. We're better together!


Lets do this!

Shey Morton

Business 911

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