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Looking for Non Profit Discounts?

Are you a non-profit trying to save as much as money as you can?

There are a lot of online brands that have discounts and offer their services absolutely free to 501c3s check below for a list of businesses that offer discounts as well as visit our websites non-profit page for additional resources

Sure! Here is a list of 20 online brands that offer nonprofit discounts or free resources for various needs, along with their respective links:

1. Adobe: Discounted access to Creative Cloud software and services. [Adobe Nonprofit Pricing](

2. Microsoft: Discounts on Office 365, Azure, and other Microsoft products. [Microsoft Nonprofit Pricing](

3. Google for Nonprofits: Exclusive access to Google products and resources. [Google for Nonprofits](

4. TechSoup: Platform connecting nonprofits with discounted technology products. [TechSoup](

5. Project management and team collaboration software. [ Nonprofit Discounts](

6. Hootsuite: Social media management tool with nonprofit pricing. [Hootsuite Nonprofit Program](

7. Asana: Project management and task tracking platform. [Asana Nonprofit Discount](

8. Canva: Graphic design tool with special pricing for nonprofits. [Canva for Nonprofits](

9. Buffer: Social media scheduling and analytics tool with nonprofit discounts. [Buffer Nonprofit Pricing](

10. Mailchimp: Email marketing platform with discounted plans for nonprofits. [Mailchimp for Nonprofits](

11. CRM and cloud computing solutions for nonprofits. [Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud](

12. Shopify: E-commerce platform offering discounted plans for nonprofits. [Shopify for Nonprofits](

13. Trello: Project management and collaboration tool. [Trello Nonprofit Discount](

14. Zoom: Video conferencing and online meeting platform. [Zoom for Nonprofits](

15. Dropbox for Business: Cloud storage and collaboration tools with nonprofit discounts. [Dropbox for Nonprofits](

16. Slack: Team communication and collaboration platform with discounts for nonprofits. [Slack for Nonprofits](

17. QuickBooks Online: Accounting software with discounted plans for nonprofits. [Intuit QuickBooks Nonprofit](

18. Vimeo: Video hosting and sharing platform with special pricing for nonprofits. [Vimeo Nonprofit Program](

19. GoFundMe: Online fundraising platform for nonprofits and charitable causes. [GoFundMe Charity](

20. PayPal Giving Fund: Enables nonprofits to receive donations via PayPal. [PayPal Nonprofits](

Please note that some companies may require verification of nonprofit status to access discounted pricing or offerings. It's advisable to review each website for specific eligibility requirements and current offerings.


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