2 Hours (Sundays Additional)

Weekday: 2 Hours @ $90 / $45 per hour addit.

Weekend: 2 Hours @ $120 / $60 per hour addit.

4 Hours

Weekday: 4 Hours @ $180 / $45 per hour addit.

Weekend: 4 Hours @ $240 / $60 per hour addit.

6 Hours

Weekday: 6 Hours @ $270 / $45 per hour addit.

Weekend: 6 Hours @ $360 / $60 per hour addit.

8 Hours ( Full Day 8.5 Hours )

Weekday: 8 Hours @ $360 / $45 per hour addit.

Weekend: 8 Hours @ $480 / $60 per hour addit.

Members Discount

  •  Start Up Membership 10% OFF

  • Entrepreneur Membership 25% OFF

  • Enterprise Membership 40% OFF

  • 50% Deposit on all bookings over 2 hours

  • $60 Deposit on all events serving food

You can come to the center to complete form: 3557 N. Sharon Amity Rd. Charlotte NC 


Meeting  Space Availability 

Tuesday & Thursday  (8am to 10pm )

Saturday ( Check for availability )

Sunday (8am to 10pm)

Need a special request? Call Us


*Payment is due at time of booking

*Deposit required if serving food

* Must have ID to reserve room



* Birthday Parties

* Celebrations / Receptions

* Events that require music must be booked after business hours

Check Availability Here!
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Frequently asked questions

How do i know if my reservation was approved?

A Business 911 representative will contact you within 24 Hours via email. If you haven't recieved a call within 24 hours, please contact our office (919)58-2911

Where do i pay for my reservation?

Room Reservations must be paid in person at our center. Meeting room policy and application will need to be signed before space can be held. ( ID is needed for all rentals ) * If unable to get to the center, you may dowload our rental application, complete it and scan and send it with a copy of your id.

What forms of payment do you except?

We except several forms of payment: 1. Cash 2. Pay Pal ($10 Fee) 3. Cashapp ($jerseyshey) 4. Credit Card ($5 Fee)

What if i need more time?

If you need to add more tme, you will need to make sure there is no event scheduled after yours. If there is no event. You can purchase additional hours at the hourly rate. Rates are NOT prorated. You will be charged for the full hour. The additional time will need to paid at the time of request. No time is billed.

Do i need to pay a deposit?

If you are serving food in the rental space. There is a $50 Deposit on all events that are having food in the room. There is a $20 clean up fee. The balance ($30) is refunded within 48 Hours ( Via Pick Up or Mail ). Weekend events can pick up deposits on Tuesday of the following week.

Do non profits get a discount on room rates?

Yes, you must be a registered 501c3 to recieve discount rates. Rates are based on Enterprise membership pricing.

What if i need to cancel my reservation?

Payments for meeting space is NON refundable. You may reschedule (1) time within 60 days of original scheduled date.

Do I need to get tables and chairs?

No, the room is equipt with tables and chairs. We have additional chairs if needed. (10)

How many people does the room hold?

The Business center in Charlotte NC has seating for 20 but the room will hold 30 people comfortably.

How many people does the space hold?

Currently the space has tables and chairs to seat 20 People. If tables were removed and it was just seating ( a seminar/meeting ) the space could hold 25-30

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