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Business Coaching Certification

Business Coach Certification

Make money with your gifts! Become a Certified Business Coach!

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Business Coach Certification
Business Coach Certification


2023年9月16日 9:00

Business Coaching Certification


Thinking of becoming a Business Coach? Get Certified By the Notrom Group & Green Thumb Coaching.!

Our Coaching Certification will teach you how to access your gifts and what you good at and make money. 

This Certification is good for:

* People who have been in a specific field or industry for (5) or more years and want to teach others to do it.

* For those who always find themselves solving others' problems and you now want to do it professionally. 

* Coaches who have been already coaching and want to step it up a notch.

* Those who love helping others but need to have structure and boundaries, as well as make money.

Whether you are one of those people or all. This certification program will have you ready to go!

Part: 1: In House Course - 9/16 to 11/19

 Online  -8  weeks ( Sat. 9am-12non & Sun. 4pm-7pm ) 

1. You & Your Gifts

2. Coaching & You as a business

3. Coaching & Clients

4. Creating the Connection

5. Creating the Business

6. Execution & Marketing

Part 2: In Field Work -Online 

 Online - 2 weeks ( Sun. 4pm-5pm )

1. Promotions & Advertising

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Coaching  / Discoveries - 20 Client Coaching Ours Required / will assist with getting clients

4. Live Training / Recorded Coaching Sessions

5. Forms, Scripts, Email Scripts

Must complete fieldwork to receive Business Coaching Certification. Clients just completing In House first 6/8 weeks will receive a Course Completion Certification Only. Total Coaching Hours in the program to complete: 70

Informational Session help for students: September ( check website news for exact date ) / Invite will be sent or check the event page for listing and link


  • Early Bird Tickets / TIL 7-1

    You can save on this program by getting your tickets early! Save $300 if purchase by 7/1/23

  • General Admission

    Ready to become a Certified Business Coach? This is for any type of industry!





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